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Meet secaura

Secaura gives you peace of mind, allowing you to stop worrying about your internet safety and get on with your digital life.

secaura is changing the internet as we know it. It sits at the gateway of your home network filtering out viruses, intruders and inappropriate content.

There is no need for multiple installations anymore, just plug it into your router and our comprehensive solution works with zero maintainance required.

Our app allows you to manage all of your home's devices with ease, in one place. A safer internet for your entire home at the click of a button.

Setup in 3 minutes, without hassle

secaura is robust, simple to use, non-intrusive and doesn't require complicated upkeep. With secaura, all your connected devices are instantly secured against malware, viruses and inappropriate, age-sensitive content.

Step 1

Plug the secaura into your existing home router.

Step 2

Use our phone app to choose settings for your devices.

Step 3

Sit back and relax as our security blanket has your home covered.


Internet security and parental controls for a single payment of £149.

Management App

Take back control of your home WiFi with a simple view of your network and it's connected devices.

Full Device Protection

Protect all devices in your home from viruses and intruders, passively.

Parental Controls

Safe browsing for kids, with restricted viewing hours and blocked content.


Cleaner, unintrusive and quicker browsing by blocking ads.


Designed with your home in mind. The secaura is small and compact.


We do not slow your internet speed down and we do not require active maintenance.

Join the movement

Enjoy a safe internet, with peace of mind for £149.


secaura is a Steel Mountain product. We believe in a safer internet, especially for kids, and it's become our mission to make this aspiration accessible to all.

You can find out more about Steel Mountain by clicking through to the company website.

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